Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer [REVIEW]

I have a passionate love for Nintendo DS games ever since my very first DS Lite. One very special game to me was Animal Crossing: Wild World which came out in 2007. But did you know, the series actually started in Japan in 2001! For those of you who don’t know what Animal Crossing is, well, it’s whatever you make it: your only limitation is your imagination!


Animal Crossing: New Leaf

You are given a small town to live in (or even own in later versions such as New Leaf) and you interact with sweet animal characters – each with their own personality.

With this great history of the game I was so excited for the newest addition to the series: Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer. However, I have been disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, I knew that New Leaf would be a hard act to follow – the range of things you can do as the mayor of your town is amazing. I also love the ideas that you can decorate public places such as restaurants and department stores!


My design of a school

But here are my 5 reasons why this game disappointed me:

1. Where is my town?

In Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, you are limited to the area around Nook’s Homes. This includes some empty and run down buildings when you first start which you soon develop into a school, hospital and shop. To visit other animals, you have to travel through the “Client Book” given to  you once you have designed the house of your first client. Compared to other games, this is a very small area to explore and seems to be very restricting.

2. Time sure flies by!

Unlike the rest of the series, Happy Home Designer does not run on real time or season. Although it is nice to be able to change the season of where a client lives to suit their needs e.g. summer weather for an exotic resort, I really loved exploring my town in the different seasons and see it get darker in the game when it did outside my window.HNI_0084

The day consists of your character being given a task to do and once you have completed it, it’s night time. At the end of the day, you record your work in a notebook and go home which is how the game saves.

3. Happy “Home” Designer

Although you spend many many hours designing homes for other animals and special characters you can collect with Amiibo cards, you never actually get to design or see your own home. At the end of the day, you select the option to “go home” and the sun rises above Nook’s Homes again when you continue.

4. Introvert Behaviour

Your character is SO obsessed with their work that you never actually get to have a casual conversation with another animal. Their text consists of expectations for their new homes, talking about your designs of public places or making these random comments about Nintendique Magazine. Playing games and running errands for the animals was rather tiring in Animal Crossing: New Leaf but I LOVED every minute of it. It made it so relaxing and an enjoyable interaction used to get to know the neighbours of the town.







5. What happens when you run out of things to do?

Other Animal Crossing games go on and on with the changing seasons, new events and residents moving on, which meant that the game was never actually completed! It meant that even though I received New Leaf in 2012, I can still play it 3 years later and it’s still fun!

Happy Home Designer seems to be ‘complete-able’. Once you’ve done all the public works projects you can and all however-many-hundreds of animals there are to make houses for… That’s it. Of course, I have not completed my game to that extent and indeed, the Amiibo cards do give you more content (at a price!!) but after a while it’s going to get really tiring.

Overall, although the game is a lovely idea with beautiful creations made possible – with your animals actually using them! – the game feels like another simulator with the Animal Crossing brand name slapped on it. It lacks the personality and charm of the other games in the series and even a multi-player mode… But I can share my designs with other people through codes and QR codes(!)

On a generous note, I would give this game 2/5 because I love the idea, the customisability of the game and the new role of your character… It just feels like it would better suit being extra content for another game like New Leaf.



Be sure to check out some of my designs such as Bunnie’s ‘perpetual birthday party’ house by using the QR code here!

What do you think of the game? Do you disagree? Please let me know!

~Becca 🙂


Press B to Run: 8tracks Playlist

A collection of 8-Bit themes to take you back to your gaming days! Includes tracks from Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, Gravity Falls, The Hobbit and more!

Press B to Runretrosif

1 Gravity Falls / Opening theme // 2 Doctor Who / I am the Doctor // 3 Steven Universe / The Crystal Gems // 4 The Hobbit / Misty Mountains Cold // 5 Supernatural / Carry on my Wayward Son // 6 BBC Sherlock / The Game is On // 7 Harry Potter / Hedwig’s Theme // 8 Ghostbusters / Main theme // 9 Lord of the Rings / The Bridge of Khazard Dûm // 10 BBC Merlin / Opening theme // 11 Game of Thrones / Main theme

I’ve been wanting to do a playlist like this for a while (most of these are from YouTube and I’ve tried to give credit where its due) I’m a big gamer at heart and this just makes me very happy. Nothing better than the old style games 😛
– Becca 🙂

Supernatural: 10 Years, 200 Episodes [ARTICLE]

Last year Supernatural celebrated its 200th episode in style – a musical. The first episode was shown on 13th September 2005, therefore this year is 10 years for the TV show! To mark this special occasion, I wrote an article for my English Language coursework, which I thought I’d share with you all:

“Crazy, isn’t it? (Dingo-ate-my-baby crazy?) If when the very first episode of Supernatural had aired, someone said it would still be going 200 episodes, 10 seasons later, you probably would have laughed and told them to keep dreaming on. The pilot was the start of Sam and Dean’s journey together: saving people, hunting things: the family business and who would forget that scene – Lawrence, Kansas: 22 years ago? Of course our main characters needed a tragic backstory and a motive but we were chucked in at the deep end. Then it happened again and that’s it, you were hooked. Just like that.

But here we are at the beginning of 2015 with Supernatural’s 10 year anniversary (double digits now!) right at our doorstep. Over these 10 dramatic, gripping and emotional seasons—and probably several boxes of tissues per episode to go with that—we’ve seen the Winchester brothers change physically and mentally.

They’ve been to Hell and back, encountered wendigo, demons, leviathan and Lucifer himself, but also teamed up with, and lost, many hunters and friends—some even close to family. The 200th episode, Fan Fiction, is a little nod to the past and what’s yet to come on the road so far. What else could be at the top of our list of favourite episodes?

I’ll try not to spoil it for you: the episode takes place at an all girl’s school, focusing on the drama department (when they said musical, they literally meant it!) and Sam and Dean decide to investigate after the disappearance of their teacher. “There is nothing that even remotely suggests there isn’t a case.” Walking in on an all-singing production on their lives, their faces slowly change from ‘another day in the life of a hunter’ to complete shock and confusion. Your emotions are split right down the middle; you feel sorry for them but it’s also a pretty funny way to start the episode. Linking in to the stories of the past, with some very catchy songs that you won’t be able to get out of your head for weeks, the Winchesters try to save the cast as the creature threatens—but the show must go on!

Fourth wall? What fourth wall—we’ve seen Supernatural take a step back and comment on itself but also the fans in meta-episodes (not to be confused with that insidious, irritating, immoral so-called angel… you all know who I’m talking about) such as The French Mistake and The Real Ghostbusters. Bitten is a strange one, some would not call it a meta-episode but you could, as we see the Winchesters from an outsider point of view—I really recommend this episode, even though it’s not on our top 10.

Like any worthy anniversary episode, Supernatural reflects back on its time over the years: the deciding factor of casting Jared and Jensen to accurately play their characters (which would inspire more and another 9 seasons), the very first scene, Castiel’s call to Dean in The End, the dependency of the brothers being symbolised through the amulet Dean used to wear (then threw away…) and the importance of the 1967 Chevrolet Impala – a sleek, black, truly American car, (representing their independence and freedom like our eagle) which just so happens to become their home. “It never occurred to them that, sure, maybe they never really had a roof and four walls…but they were never in fact homeless.”

Fan Fiction is also a recognition of the fans of the show, but in a better style than previous metas; Becky was a very harmful portrayal of the fans: a writer of an inappropriate style of fanfiction, creepy stalker and an obsessive, sexually frustrated Sam-girl. We were introduced to her in this way in Sympathy for the Devil (although there were some humorous points in her scenes, such as in Season 7, Time for a Wedding).

Furthermore, the Supernatural Convention in season 5 had LARPers, even though the majority of which were fat, nerdy neckbeards. (No offence!) But this episode was devoted to the fans personally—to the real us. When news got around that there would be a musical episode in season 10, we weren’t quite sure what to think. Singing demons? Dancing Winchesters? It almost sounded like a Hunter-version of Sound of Music! But because of it being the 200th episode, it was ‘hyped up’ like the Salem Witch trials—we only had very little information to go on, with false ideas and hopes of a distant ship on the ocean of pairings. But in more than one way, Fan Fiction actually exceeded the expectations of many.

Unlike episodes in other seasons of Supernatural, Fan Fiction passes what we call the ‘Bechdel test’. This is when two or more female characters discuss something other than a male character in a scene by themselves. (Not surprising, as this episode is set in an all-girl school!) What’s even better? All episodes of season 10 have passed this test so far.

Would Swan Song be number one on our list if Supernatural had ended there? Just over 4 more seasons have passed since then because of the most important people—without them, the show wouldn’t have gotten this far—the fans. Specifically fan-girls like us who spend our time being productive and creative through the show. This is the most important message the producers are trying to tell us: that they appreciate us, every part of us, and even though we have our own theories, ideas and ships—that’s fine, but it doesn’t mean that these will happen. “You have your version and I have mine.”

But would Doyle have brought back Sherlock Holmes without the fans? Would Tolkien have rethought his ideas of the Ring to write Lord of the Rings without them? We have always been how we are (Becky, LARPer, or just full-on geek) and that’s not necessarily a bad thing; the cast and writers understand they need to be encouraged and welcome because that’s what makes the show work.

Fan Fiction, in short, was one of those one-off meta-episodes where we can take a break from the major story arc of the season, sit back and have a laugh while the writers slip in a “thanks for sticking around” note amongst everything else.

With the promise of returning characters, the introduction of new, important ones and exciting storylines, Supernatural’s newest season looks like it will be a hit as it enters its 10th year of being around. Will we be here in another 10 years with another amazing, eye-opening and laugh-out-loud episode? We can’t exactly have the Winchesters regenerate like Doctor Who to keep the show alive… Or can we?”

To the right of the article is a Top 10 “The Road So Far” list:

“10. Caged Heat (6×10)

Sam and Dean team up with Meg, a demon, to try to get Sam’s soul back from Crowley.

9. Lazarus Rising (4×01)

Dean wakes from his grave and finds he’s been dead for several months – what rescued him from Hell and why?

8. On the Head of a Pin (4×16)

After the death of seven angels, Castiel and Uriel ask Dean to interrogate their prisoner, Alastair – his torturer in Hell.

7. Lucifer Rising (4×22)

As the apocalypse draws closer, Sam goes with Ruby to stop Lilith from breaking the final seal as Dean is locked in ‘Heaven’s waiting room’.

6. Goodbye Stranger (8×17)

While Naomi has control, Castiel continues to lie to the Winchesters as Team Free Will joins up with Meg again to find another tablet.

5. Changing Channels (5×08)

Our old friend the Trickster traps Sam and Dean in TV-Land to teach them “how to play their roles” but all is not what it seems.

4. Sacrifice (8×23)

Sam’s health has taken a turn for the worst after the first two trials to close Hell’s gates—but halfway through the third they realise it could cause more harm than good.

3. Swan Song (5×22)

As Chuck’s story comes to an end, Michael and Lucifer as Sam and Adam battle it out, but Dean isn’t letting them go that easily.

2. The End (5×04)

Dean finds himself in a post-apocalypse future where the Croatoan virus has taken over as Lucifer uses Sam as a vessel while future Dean looks for revenge.”

Thanks for taking the time to read my article and please let me know what you think of it! How did you find the episode? Do you disagree? Is your Top 10 different?

Message me on tumblr (where you’ll most likely find me nowadays) at thefandominterpreters 🙂


The layout of the article

The Stages of Shipping… [THE FANS]


I am a shipper. I will not deny it. I am one of those crazy fangirls all of the Fandoms speak of. For my many, many Fandoms, there are indeed many, many ships. (**LOOK AT THE END OF THE POST FOR MY EXPLANATION FOR A NAME OF ONE OF MY SHIPS) These ships always start out as a “NOTP” (Never my One True Pairing or whatever you want to call it: your least favourite ship), or a BROTP (A brotherly pairing) and then they progress into fluff, then as we call it here as fangirls… Smut. I wondered when I would breach that topic, guess today is that day.

So here we go, I’ve finally figured out my stages of a ship. Let me know if yours is like this too!

This is the stage where you have pretty much no clue why on Earth people would ship this ship. This could even be the NOTP stage, or just a confusion and slight worry for the rest of your Fandom. I mean, Casatron?! Really…?

Stage 2: “It’s…not so bad. I suppose.”
Uh oh. No going back now…not unless you accidentally happen across something on your Tumblr dashboard which could scar you for life. Haha… So you start to consider shipping it, leading onto the next stage..

Stage 3: “That could actually work..”
It could be that you think they’re pretty cute, or just generally work. I mean, I wouldn’t exactly call Sheriarty cute, but I could definitely see a relationship working out there. An interesting Consulting Criminal/Detective relationship.

Stage 4: “I might ship it.”
This is the stage where you actually start to label your feelings towards this couple as a SHIP. Wow. Time for fan art and looking into some fanfiction perhaps? Just stick to the fluff for now. 😉

Stage 5: “OKAY! Okay, I ship it!”
Well, well, well. What do we have here. Openly admitting your ship? Go tell it to the world!

Stage 6: “Should I really be shipping- WHAT HAVE I GOT TO LOSE?!”
I’ve had this a couple of times, where I think: “I probably shouldn’t be shipping this”. It’s often after talking to other shippers who have that ship as a stage 1 or even a stage 0.. Ooh… not so good.

Stage 7: “Is more than shipping possible?”
YES. Yes it is! You’re on your way to making this ship into an OTP… This could be the time to venture further into the depths of AO3 and Tumblr..

Stage 8: “OTP!”
You would do anything for this ship. Nothing is too weird! ..well maybe tentacles.. But you are in amongst the deep stuff, but also appreciating the cuter things of the ship. It could be a very fluffy coffee shop AU with some angst and also a very hot sex scene.. Uh.. This isn’t awkward at all.

This ship. THIS SHIP. You aren’t the one just reading it. You’re writing it. Self-inserts, smut, fluff, AUs, headcanons. You’re drawing it. It’s in your mind. It’s always there.

Stage 9 ¾: “FEEEEEEEEELS.”
What. Just. Happened?! Was it an actual canon event? A death or does half of your ship leave the presence of the other? Or is it a fanart? At this stage, you’ll probably be in denial. So much of the denial. You’ll keep shipping your OTP, but every so often you’ll be reminded of this feels-punch to the gut. And you will cry. (Or at least, I did.)
You could just miss out this stage altogether.

Stage 10: “Ooh…what’s this new ship?”
You find a new one, and the stages start again. Of course, you won’t push your OTP aside completely, but this ship may even get to another stage 9 status. It could be something you’ve never heard of and never thought about, like Sevin (Sam/Kevin) or Moriadler (Moriarty/Irene Adler) or Grocket (Groot/Rocket).

What did you think? Do you agree with my stages? Have you experienced these? Let us know at @study_in_fandoms

– Becca (And the rest of A Study In Fandoms) 🙂

**PAVLOVA: Pavlova is the ship name ASIF typically uses for Wincestiel. I was reading a particularly…nsfw fanfiction while I was eating a lovely raspberry pavlova dessert. The result of this was being put off it for probably forever and nearly spluttering it everywhere.**

Marvel: Guardians of the Galaxy [+ INFINITY STONES THEORY]

Let’s get the ball rolling with one of our not-so-main main fandoms: Marvel.

Guardians of the Galaxy was an unexpected hit, in my opinion, and is even one of my favourite all time Marvel films now. I found it really funny and the characters actually surprised me, but it all worked amazingly well.
Must I even say this? If you haven’t seen it, go see it – it’s out on DVD and Blu-ray December 9th! – And if you don’t want spoilers (not that there should be too much here) don’t read it! I plan to touch on some other Marvel films and that might involve some pretty big spoilers too!

Let’s have a small recap: Guardians of the Galaxy is about five main… outlaws? Let’s call them that. Outlaws of the galaxy who try to capture “Star-Lord” Peter Quill (played by Chris Pratt) for his crimes as part of the Ravagers: a group of space pirates who abducted him when he was a child. Gamora (Zoe Saldana), Groot (Vin Diesel), Rocket Racoon (Bradley Cooper, Sean Gunn) and Drax (Dave Bautista) basically join forces together with Star-Lord when they try to sell on an Orb with a heck of a lot of power. Of course, it’s not that simple and goes a little pear-shaped: prison breaks, Nebula (Karen Gillan!!), and Ronan (Lee Pace) but a couple of prosthetic legs later they become the Guardians of the Galaxy.

The end. …Or is it?

Guardians of the Galaxy left so much potential for the Marvel writers and producers to continue with, such as Nebula and the Infinity Stones. So far, we have seen four of the six Infinity Stones:
The Tesseract – Captain America/Thor/The Avengers
The Aether – Thor: The Dark World
The Chitauri Scepter – Captain America: The Winter Soldier
The Orb – Guardians of the Galaxy

The six Infinity Stones are said to have different powers: Space, Mind, Soul, Reality, Time and Power. It is said that the Tesseract is the Mind stone, theories say that the Aether is the Reality stone, the Chitauri Scepter is the Mind stone and the Orb is the Power stone.

In the Marvel Universe, Thanos was the first to use the Soul Gems (our Infinity Gems) together, with the intention to destroy the universe and stars. He was stopped by the Avengers, Adam Warlock and Captain Marvel. In the Marvel Movie-verse, Thanos is still alive and could still team up with Loki.

In Guardians of the Galaxy, the Collector’s Museum hinted that Adam Warlock (a research creation whose path crosses Thor’s and Lady Sif – read about it, it’s pretty interesting) would be making an appearance soon as his cocoon was in a glass case. (Watch the video here!) And the interesting news is that a Captain Marvel film has been announced and is set to be released in 2018!

Could this be the direction our films are going in? It seems that this is pretty likely – plus we’ll get even more cross-overs than just the Avengers! The Guardians of the Galaxy would join together with our favourite heroes to save the world from Thanos! Coming very soon…. We hope!

– Becca 🙂

P.S. What do you think about the Avengers vs X-Men film idea? Would you want that? Let us know @study_in_fandoms !

How To: Making a Mini Supernatural Hunter Kit!

I love fandom projects – making things, being productive, even learning a new skill. For a while now, I’ve had the idea to make a small Supernatural inspired hunter kit. It’s pretty simple, and you can too! Here’s how…

To make my kit, you will need:

box2  box3

– A small wooden box
– Everyday kitchen sponges
– A lighter
– Two vials (filled with rock salt and blessed holy water!)
– Two smaller bottles (Bought on Etsy)
– A little cross
– A bullet casing! (Can be bought on Etsy)
– Black paint
– White paint

You could also include rosary beads, a pocket knife, salt rounds (I have found these on Etsy!) and a lock pick.

1. The first thing I did was glue the two kitchen sponges together. Use a pretty strong glue, I used UHU.


2. Then I laid my contents on top of these sponges and drew around them – I found that pen works best!


3. Grab a little arty-crafty knife and start cutting these out! Pull and pluck at the sponges until you get to the level you want. Don’t worry if this goes wrong, you can always glue some of the sponge in later!

box7  box10

4. Start painting your box, if you want to that is! I chose black and I used PVA paint.

box8  box11

5. Next, paint the sponge – if you want to! I think it just looks that much more professional in black. This took me a little while, but my best tip is to dab the paint on!


At this point, things were starting to get a little messy…


6. Once I had painted my sponge, I glued all around the outside to put in my box to make sure it wasn’t going anywhere. Hunting can be a pretty full on, fast-paced job!

box14  box15

7. Now this is starting to look like a hunter kit! Time to grab the white paint and put some awesome details on it. On the lid, I painted Sam and Dean’s initials which they carved into the Impala (seen in Swan Song 5×22)


8. My last thing to do was paint a Devil’s trap in the lid of the box – in a moment of panic, you can slide it under the demon and trap it! First I outlined this in pencil (use a compass to make sure you get a perfect circle!) then painted it in white!

box17  box18

9. Unfortunately, things went a little to the right, so I decided to fill the space with Gabriel’s horn and a Tibetan symbol! We believe in Supernatural!


And here we are! My finished hunter kit – pretty cool, don’t you think?

box20  box21

What should I make next? How about you show us yours? Tweet us at: @study_in_fandoms or leave a comment below!

– Becca 🙂

A Very ‘Not-Natural’ Halloween!

This Halloween was a very special one as A Study In Fandoms had a FANDOM COSPLAY themed party and we thought we’d share these with you!

Some cosplays were specially put together for the occasion, whereas others were in preparation for future conventions! Most of these were from Supernatural, with cosplays from season 1 to season 7 or 8!


Season 7: Fem!Leviathan Cas (inspired by Kikistiel on tumblr) – Becca thefandominterpreters

Season 4: Fem!Sam (inspired by Kiki also) – Poppy john-jumpers-and-tea

Season 1: Meg – Tabby codependentdemonbrothers

Season 8? : Fem!Kevin – Maria

We also gained two new members of A Study In Fandoms who we first met at Nor-Con in August this year. We interviewed them about their awesome fem!Supernatural cosplays, and now they’re here with us!

Fem!Dean (Pre-Season 5) : Emmy avenge-hunt-investigate

Bloody!Frodo : Ella benaddictfandombatch


Welcome to the group, Ella and Emmy, and we hope you all had a very happy Halloween!

– Becca

northern-sparrow ‘s Wing Theory



“So, I watched the first five seasons of Supernatural while doing field research on the birds of northern Alaska, and when Castiel spread his wings for the first time my first thought was “Oh look, that angel’s in molt”.

For the whole rest of season 4 I kept thinking of him as “the molting angel.” I kept wondering what on earth had happened to him in Hell that left his wings so messed up, such that he had to do an out-of-season molt with both alulas broken. And I kept wondering whether his new feathers had come in all right!

But mostly I became convinced that Castiel must have suffered some real injuries while rescuing Dean from Hell. Castiel never mentioned anything about this… but I like to think that there’s a pretty dramatic story there that he has never told.”

We thought northern-sparrow’s wing theory post on tumblr was really well researched and well picked out from the scene in season 4! What could have happened to Castiel’s alulas when he was ‘raising Dean from Perdition’?

castiel wing gif

Here we see in season 8 that Castiel’s alulas have healed and from what northern-sparrow’s diagrams showed, I believe he is no longer in molt. His wings seem flared, and the different parts of the wings can be seen clearly and compared to those of a bird.

What do you think? We’d love to add more to this theory with your help!


Winchester, Smith and Wesson

When I read the Supernatural book – John Winchester’s Journal and started to become a hunter-in-training, I started my research in guns and weapons.
This is when I came across the first very familiar name: Winchester. Winchester is a very popular rifle and shotgun make. At first I thought this connection was just a coincidence, until recently I was looking at revolvers and knifes. I found another name “Smith and Wesson”.
Dean and Sam appear as Dean Smith and Sam Wesson in 4×17 – It’s a Terrible Life. I think it’s a really cool reference and connection to the weapons – maybe Dean even fired a Winchester (as mentioned in the journal that John let him fire a .22 when he was 6 years old and his first gun – a Seecamp LWS .32 automatic at 11 years old was loaded with “alternating silver and Winchester hollow-points”).
So yeah, another little update for you guys – something cool I think might have influenced the writers. Feel free to add to the idea – I’m more than happy to change my theory.
– Becca 🙂



Nor-Con V (2014)

On 7th September 2014, AStudyInFandoms attended sci-fi convention Nor-Con V in the city of Norwich (East of England)! This was the second time at Nor-Con for me and Poppy, and the first for Maria and Tabitha. Nor-Con is quite a small convention, over only oAStudyInFandomsne day each year, but packed with loads of different things to do and see: for example, this year we entered the cosplay competition and even took part in a charity auction – where we won a BBC Merlin clapboard signed by Colin Morgan! (Which Poppy probably now keeps under lock and key!) A TARDIS notebook with over 60 signatures went for £650! Wow!

ASIF with Ella and Emmy

ASIF with Ella and Emmy

There were also some really funny moments, like a spoon fight from Doctor Who with Darth Vader and how everywhere I went, nobody blinked and everyone stared at me – including making joke warnings during the raffle and competition.
We met quite a few people at Nor-Con and made some very important connections. We met two rather nice fem! Sam and Dean cosplayers – Ella and Emmy, who took part in an interview for our channel, and just for a bit of fun!

Hazel and Clara

Lilith and Castiel

We also met Hazel and Clara cosplaying as Lilith and Castiel, two organisers/helpers for Nine Worlds Convention in Heathrow! So the AMAZING news through this connection, is that we have been invited (as A Study In Fandoms) to hold a Supernatural track panel at Nine Worlds next year!
Other amazing celebrity guests we met included: Dan Starkey (Sontaran Strax), Ben Miller (Primeval/Doctor Who), Hattie Hayridge (Red Dwarf), Chase Masterson (Deep Space 9) and more!

There were so many stalls and other things that made that day really special, so check out the video on our YouTube channel to see what we got up to and maybe even our interview with Ella and Emmy! We look forward to attending Nine Worlds, and maybe even seeing some of you reading this there!

– Becca (And the rest of AStudyInFandoms)