How To: Making a Mini Supernatural Hunter Kit!

I love fandom projects – making things, being productive, even learning a new skill. For a while now, I’ve had the idea to make a small Supernatural inspired hunter kit. It’s pretty simple, and you can too! Here’s how…

To make my kit, you will need:

box2  box3

– A small wooden box
– Everyday kitchen sponges
– A lighter
– Two vials (filled with rock salt and blessed holy water!)
– Two smaller bottles (Bought on Etsy)
– A little cross
– A bullet casing! (Can be bought on Etsy)
– Black paint
– White paint

You could also include rosary beads, a pocket knife, salt rounds (I have found these on Etsy!) and a lock pick.

1. The first thing I did was glue the two kitchen sponges together. Use a pretty strong glue, I used UHU.


2. Then I laid my contents on top of these sponges and drew around them – I found that pen works best!


3. Grab a little arty-crafty knife and start cutting these out! Pull and pluck at the sponges until you get to the level you want. Don’t worry if this goes wrong, you can always glue some of the sponge in later!

box7  box10

4. Start painting your box, if you want to that is! I chose black and I used PVA paint.

box8  box11

5. Next, paint the sponge – if you want to! I think it just looks that much more professional in black. This took me a little while, but my best tip is to dab the paint on!


At this point, things were starting to get a little messy…


6. Once I had painted my sponge, I glued all around the outside to put in my box to make sure it wasn’t going anywhere. Hunting can be a pretty full on, fast-paced job!

box14  box15

7. Now this is starting to look like a hunter kit! Time to grab the white paint and put some awesome details on it. On the lid, I painted Sam and Dean’s initials which they carved into the Impala (seen in Swan Song 5×22)


8. My last thing to do was paint a Devil’s trap in the lid of the box – in a moment of panic, you can slide it under the demon and trap it! First I outlined this in pencil (use a compass to make sure you get a perfect circle!) then painted it in white!

box17  box18

9. Unfortunately, things went a little to the right, so I decided to fill the space with Gabriel’s horn and a Tibetan symbol! We believe in Supernatural!


And here we are! My finished hunter kit – pretty cool, don’t you think?

box20  box21

What should I make next? How about you show us yours? Tweet us at: @study_in_fandoms or leave a comment below!

– Becca 🙂


northern-sparrow ‘s Wing Theory



“So, I watched the first five seasons of Supernatural while doing field research on the birds of northern Alaska, and when Castiel spread his wings for the first time my first thought was “Oh look, that angel’s in molt”.

For the whole rest of season 4 I kept thinking of him as “the molting angel.” I kept wondering what on earth had happened to him in Hell that left his wings so messed up, such that he had to do an out-of-season molt with both alulas broken. And I kept wondering whether his new feathers had come in all right!

But mostly I became convinced that Castiel must have suffered some real injuries while rescuing Dean from Hell. Castiel never mentioned anything about this… but I like to think that there’s a pretty dramatic story there that he has never told.”

We thought northern-sparrow’s wing theory post on tumblr was really well researched and well picked out from the scene in season 4! What could have happened to Castiel’s alulas when he was ‘raising Dean from Perdition’?

castiel wing gif

Here we see in season 8 that Castiel’s alulas have healed and from what northern-sparrow’s diagrams showed, I believe he is no longer in molt. His wings seem flared, and the different parts of the wings can be seen clearly and compared to those of a bird.

What do you think? We’d love to add more to this theory with your help!


Winchester, Smith and Wesson

When I read the Supernatural book – John Winchester’s Journal and started to become a hunter-in-training, I started my research in guns and weapons.
This is when I came across the first very familiar name: Winchester. Winchester is a very popular rifle and shotgun make. At first I thought this connection was just a coincidence, until recently I was looking at revolvers and knifes. I found another name “Smith and Wesson”.
Dean and Sam appear as Dean Smith and Sam Wesson in 4×17 – It’s a Terrible Life. I think it’s a really cool reference and connection to the weapons – maybe Dean even fired a Winchester (as mentioned in the journal that John let him fire a .22 when he was 6 years old and his first gun – a Seecamp LWS .32 automatic at 11 years old was loaded with “alternating silver and Winchester hollow-points”).
So yeah, another little update for you guys – something cool I think might have influenced the writers. Feel free to add to the idea – I’m more than happy to change my theory.
– Becca 🙂