Press B to Run: 8tracks Playlist

A collection of 8-Bit themes to take you back to your gaming days! Includes tracks from Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, Gravity Falls, The Hobbit and more!

Press B to Runretrosif

1 Gravity Falls / Opening theme // 2 Doctor Who / I am the Doctor // 3 Steven Universe / The Crystal Gems // 4 The Hobbit / Misty Mountains Cold // 5 Supernatural / Carry on my Wayward Son // 6 BBC Sherlock / The Game is On // 7 Harry Potter / Hedwig’s Theme // 8 Ghostbusters / Main theme // 9 Lord of the Rings / The Bridge of Khazard Dûm // 10 BBC Merlin / Opening theme // 11 Game of Thrones / Main theme

I’ve been wanting to do a playlist like this for a while (most of these are from YouTube and I’ve tried to give credit where its due) I’m a big gamer at heart and this just makes me very happy. Nothing better than the old style games 😛
– Becca 🙂

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