A Very ‘Not-Natural’ Halloween!

This Halloween was a very special one as A Study In Fandoms had a FANDOM COSPLAY themed party and we thought we’d share these with you!

Some cosplays were specially put together for the occasion, whereas others were in preparation for future conventions! Most of these were from Supernatural, with cosplays from season 1 to season 7 or 8!


Season 7: Fem!Leviathan Cas (inspired by Kikistiel on tumblr) – Becca thefandominterpreters

Season 4: Fem!Sam (inspired by Kiki also) – Poppy john-jumpers-and-tea

Season 1: Meg – Tabby codependentdemonbrothers

Season 8? : Fem!Kevin – Maria

We also gained two new members of A Study In Fandoms who we first met at Nor-Con in August this year. We interviewed them about their awesome fem!Supernatural cosplays, and now they’re here with us!

Fem!Dean (Pre-Season 5) : Emmy avenge-hunt-investigate

Bloody!Frodo : Ella benaddictfandombatch


Welcome to the group, Ella and Emmy, and we hope you all had a very happy Halloween!

– Becca