About Us

A Study In Fandoms started in February 2014, when three friends visited London on a Sherlock tour in cosplay. We’re a small group of four girls, but that doesn’t mean we’re not capable of doing our thing! Since then, we’ve gained other¬†members, made connections, started analysing fandoms and making more out of our fandom interests!


Hey guys! My namefamiliar cas is Becca and I run the blog and tumblr. My main fandoms are Supernatural, Sherlock, Doctor Who and Marvel. I love cosplaying and being productive: making mini hunter kits and planning more episodes to analyse. My first convention was Nor-Con IV in 2013 but my first cosplay convention was Nor-Con V in 2014 as a Weeping Angel from Doctor Who. My favourite cosplay is my AU familiar cat fem!Castiel, however I am working on other cosplays for future conventions (such as Nine Worlds).

Favourite season/Doctor/series/film: SPN – 5, 10th or 11th Doctor, series 1 Sherlock, Guardians of the Galaxy.
Main ships: Johnlock, Sheriarty, Destiel, Megstiel, Doctor/River, Doctor/TARDIS, Dean/Impala, Wincest
Cosplays: Weeping angel, fem!Castiel, familiar cat AU fem!Castiel, Leviathan fem!Castiel, Demon OC, Abbadon(?), Moriarty

thefandominterpreters – tumblr





Season/Doctor/Series/Film: spn: 4, 10th, the season with 10+Donna, LotR
Ships: Megstiel, Destiel, Sheriarty, TARDIS/Impala
Cosplays: fem!Dean, s1!Meg, 10th Doctor, Sherlock

codependentdemonbrothers – tumblr









john-jumpers-and-tea – tumblr



maria cosplay








Two new members joined us on 31/10/2014 from when we met them at Nor-Con in August 2014:



benaddictfandombatch – tumblr




avenge-hunt-investigate – tumblr


And two more people joined us early 2015:

Ella H






tay-knows-places – tumblr


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