About Us

A Study In Fandoms started in February 2014, when three friends visited London on a Sherlock tour in cosplay. We’re a small group of four girls, but that doesn’t mean we’re not capable of doing our thing! Since then, we’ve gained other members, made connections, started analysing fandoms and making more out of our fandom interests!


Hey guys! My namefamiliar cas is Becca and I run the blog and tumblr. My main fandoms are Supernatural, Sherlock, Doctor Who and Marvel. I love cosplaying and being productive: making mini hunter kits and planning more episodes to analyse. My first convention was Nor-Con IV in 2013 but my first cosplay convention was Nor-Con V in 2014 as a Weeping Angel from Doctor Who. My favourite cosplay is my AU familiar cat fem!Castiel, however I am working on other cosplays for future conventions (such as Nine Worlds).

Favourite season/Doctor/series/film: SPN – 5, 10th or 11th Doctor, series 1 Sherlock, Guardians of the Galaxy.
Main ships: Johnlock, Sheriarty, Destiel, Megstiel, Doctor/River, Doctor/TARDIS, Dean/Impala, Wincest
Cosplays: Weeping angel, fem!Castiel, familiar cat AU fem!Castiel, Leviathan fem!Castiel, Demon OC, Abbadon(?), Moriarty

thefandominterpreters – tumblr





Season/Doctor/Series/Film: spn: 4, 10th, the season with 10+Donna, LotR
Ships: Megstiel, Destiel, Sheriarty, TARDIS/Impala
Cosplays: fem!Dean, s1!Meg, 10th Doctor, Sherlock

codependentdemonbrothers – tumblr









john-jumpers-and-tea – tumblr



maria cosplay








Two new members joined us on 31/10/2014 from when we met them at Nor-Con in August 2014:



benaddictfandombatch – tumblr




avenge-hunt-investigate – tumblr


And two more people joined us early 2015:

Ella H






tay-knows-places – tumblr


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