Winchester, Smith and Wesson

When I read the Supernatural book – John Winchester’s Journal and started to become a hunter-in-training, I started my research in guns and weapons.
This is when I came across the first very familiar name: Winchester. Winchester is a very popular rifle and shotgun make. At first I thought this connection was just a coincidence, until recently I was looking at revolvers and knifes. I found another name “Smith and Wesson”.
Dean and Sam appear as Dean Smith and Sam Wesson in 4×17 – It’s a Terrible Life. I think it’s a really cool reference and connection to the weapons – maybe Dean even fired a Winchester (as mentioned in the journal that John let him fire a .22 when he was 6 years old and his first gun – a Seecamp LWS .32 automatic at 11 years old was loaded with “alternating silver and Winchester hollow-points”).
So yeah, another little update for you guys – something cool I think might have influenced the writers. Feel free to add to the idea – I’m more than happy to change my theory.
– Becca 🙂