A Very ‘Not-Natural’ Halloween!

This Halloween was a very special one as A Study In Fandoms had a FANDOM COSPLAY themed party and we thought we’d share these with you!

Some cosplays were specially put together for the occasion, whereas others were in preparation for future conventions! Most of these were from Supernatural, with cosplays from season 1 to season 7 or 8!


Season 7: Fem!Leviathan Cas (inspired by Kikistiel on tumblr) – Becca thefandominterpreters

Season 4: Fem!Sam (inspired by Kiki also) – Poppy john-jumpers-and-tea

Season 1: Meg – Tabby codependentdemonbrothers

Season 8? : Fem!Kevin – Maria

We also gained two new members of A Study In Fandoms who we first met at Nor-Con in August this year. We interviewed them about their awesome fem!Supernatural cosplays, and now they’re here with us!

Fem!Dean (Pre-Season 5) : Emmy avenge-hunt-investigate

Bloody!Frodo : Ella benaddictfandombatch


Welcome to the group, Ella and Emmy, and we hope you all had a very happy Halloween!

– Becca


Nor-Con V (2014)

On 7th September 2014, AStudyInFandoms attended sci-fi convention Nor-Con V in the city of Norwich (East of England)! This was the second time at Nor-Con for me and Poppy, and the first for Maria and Tabitha. Nor-Con is quite a small convention, over only oAStudyInFandomsne day each year, but packed with loads of different things to do and see: for example, this year we entered the cosplay competition and even took part in a charity auction – where we won a BBC Merlin clapboard signed by Colin Morgan! (Which Poppy probably now keeps under lock and key!) A TARDIS notebook with over 60 signatures went for £650! Wow!

ASIF with Ella and Emmy

ASIF with Ella and Emmy

There were also some really funny moments, like a spoon fight from Doctor Who with Darth Vader and how everywhere I went, nobody blinked and everyone stared at me – including making joke warnings during the raffle and competition.
We met quite a few people at Nor-Con and made some very important connections. We met two rather nice fem! Sam and Dean cosplayers – Ella and Emmy, who took part in an interview for our channel, and just for a bit of fun!

Hazel and Clara

Lilith and Castiel

We also met Hazel and Clara cosplaying as Lilith and Castiel, two organisers/helpers for Nine Worlds Convention in Heathrow! So the AMAZING news through this connection, is that we have been invited (as A Study In Fandoms) to hold a Supernatural track panel at Nine Worlds next year!
Other amazing celebrity guests we met included: Dan Starkey (Sontaran Strax), Ben Miller (Primeval/Doctor Who), Hattie Hayridge (Red Dwarf), Chase Masterson (Deep Space 9) and more!

There were so many stalls and other things that made that day really special, so check out the video on our YouTube channel to see what we got up to and maybe even our interview with Ella and Emmy! We look forward to attending Nine Worlds, and maybe even seeing some of you reading this there!

– Becca (And the rest of AStudyInFandoms)